Omnisport® HS-200 Horn Start

The OmniSport HS-200 horn start and public address system has complete starting capabilities for aquatics. It features a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than15 hours when fully charged, even when10 individual lane speakers are in use. Easily enable or disable the recall function for false starts.

  1. Internal 40 W speaker
    Amplifies voice and start tones loudly and clearly
  2. 360° strobe light
    Offers high visibility for athletes and officials
  3. LED indicators
    Communicate the status of start/recall and battery levels
  4. Microphone
    Provides convenient operation for voice and start/recall tones; comes standard with a 15' extension cable
  5. Separate volume controls
    Allow independent control between the main/auxiliary and lane speakers
  6. Separate speaker connections
    Equipped with built-in outputs to the auxiliary and lane speakers for maximum performance
  7. Start output
    Offers both normally open and closed contacts for connection with Daktronics and other timing systems
  8. Powder coated aluminum case
    Gives long-term protection
  9. Power jack
    Provides input for universal 12 V AC power pack for charging internal battery
  10. Handle
    Simplifies setup and transport 
  11. Optional mounting brackets attach firmly and quickly to a backstroke flagpole or a tripod.

Product Specification

Wireless Microphone

The wireless microphone allows starting officials more choices to position themselves for fair starts. It operates from one of eight selectable channels to enhance the reliability and flexibility of setup.


Remote Strobe

The remote strobe is highly visible in any lighting condition when mounted on a flagpole or set on appropriate surfaces.

Lane and Auxiliary Speakers

Add more sound with individual 6-Watt lane speakers. Easily attach and remove from the start blocks. The speakers are driven by the HS-200 horn start. The 40-Watt auxiliary speaker is the same type of speaker included in the HS-200 horn start. Use a compatible speaker for a consistent start tone.

Optional Tripod

Mount speakers, remote strobe or a horn start conveniently to a backstroke flagpole or tripod that adjusts up to 6' - 7"


Aquam deck plate cover

The Aquam deck plate cover is designed to help keep water out of the connectors, protecting them from the harsh pool environment. They are custom made to mount on all Daktronics deck plates and are made of a waterproof high density polyethylene plastic.
The Aquam deck plate cover will help protect your timing system investment by keeping your deck plates dry.

Price 45.00$ each

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