Lane Module IV

The lane module IV connects touchpads, push buttons and RTOPs while using an above-deck cabling system. Lane modules link together from lane to lane; therefore, a repair can be made without replacing the whole harness. Includes one lane module per lane, plus an extension cable back to the timer. Lane module extensions connecting the last lane module to the timing console are available.
Product Specification

In-deck Cabling

When building a new facility, install an in-deck cabling system for a clean deck without stray cords. Not only does in-deck cabling simplify set-up, it also increases the safety of swimmers, coaches and officials walking around the deck area.

Push Button

The back-up button has built-in corrosion prevention. The distinctive gold-plated banana connectors and sealed button provide long life with top quality performance. Use it for the primary timing when touchpads are not available or as a backup to touchpads.



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