In-Deck Cabling

When building a new facility, install an in-deck system for a clean deck without stray cords. By running all the wiring under the pool deck (in-deck), not only does it simplify cabling set-up, it also increases the safety of swimmers, coaches and officials walking around the deck area.

On-deck Cabling

When adding a timing system to an existing facility, an on-deck cabling is most convenient.

By linking lane modules together from lane to lane, simply plug in your push buttons and touch pads into their into their respective lane modules.

Add the lane extension module which attaches itself to the timing consol and you’re ready to go; it’s quick to set-up, easy to store and economical.


Interactive System Riser Diagram

Scroll over the dark blue objects to see what options are available for customizing your aquatics scoring system. Click on the object to learn more about the associated product.


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