Omnisport 2000 Pro Software

Discover the capabilities of the OmniSport 2000 timing console when used with the OmniSport® 2000 Pro software. The software allows the operator to maximize all the capabilities of the OmniSport 2000 timing console with all the benefits of Microsoft® Windows®. The OmniSport 2000 Pro software is available for swimming, diving, synchronized diving and synchronized swimming. This system is advanced and user friendly with dynamic graphics keeping the timing operator more involved in the event.

Printers and laptops are available and purchased separately.

Swimming Features

  • Displays competitor’s name and team affiliation on the race screen when connected to Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER
  • Shows all current race information
  • Access stored races by date using the event and heat number or the race number; then print (use any Windows compatible printer), edit or save
  • Post start list, results from past events and team scores directly from Hy-Tek’s MEET MANAGER onto full matrix displays
  • Contains unlimited race/meet memory

Daktronics & Hy-Tek Meet Manager

  • The OmniSport 2000 integrates with the Hy-Tek MEET MANAGER system
  • Download event orders from MEET MANAGER to OmniSport 2000 timer
  • Retrieve times from OmniSport 2000 timer to MEET MANAGER
  • With touchpad and button times, MEET MANAGER can calculate backup times according to official rule book
  • MEET MANAGER will update the OmniSport 2000 timer with the leading four teams for display onto numeric team scoreboards
  • MEET MANAGER will send the current start list to the OmniSport 2000 Pro Swimming software

Diving Features

  • Calculates with two, three, five, seven, or nine judges’ scores
  • Scores up to 99 divers and 99 rounds per event
  • Provides web-friendly log and results printouts
  • Allows the setup of different Degree of Difficulty tables
  • Programs as many different events as needed with different dive orders
  • Add divers and/or dive numbers on the fly or pre-enter all pertinent information for smooth event operation
  • Uses on-the-fly, points-needed-to-pass calculator for up to three place levels
  • Features synchronized diving in the software program

Synchronized Swimming

Daktronics also has synchronized swimming Pro software available.
Features include:

  • Switches between technical and free routines if configured for the current event
  • Uses a previously created event as a template for a new event with the copy event option
  • Shows final calculated results for each swimmer
  • Enters technical and artistic scores from one or two judges’ panels using judges’ consoles
  • Provides web-friendly log and results printouts

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