T-6000 Series Touchpads

Daktronics patented T-6000 series touchpads consist of stainless steel construction which provides reliable service and prevents cracking or breaking under pressure. The touchpads sustain high sensitivity across the entire nonslip, nonabrasive surface so competitive swimmers can rely on fair and consistent starts and turns. These touchpads fill with water to equalize the internal and external water pressure, making leakage and floating problems nonexistent.

FT-6000 Series Touchpads

Daktronics offers three standard sizes, which meets FINA specifications. All are carefully crafted to provide reliable service without yearly maintenance costs. Stainless steel touchpads are vital components of a complete
timing/scoring system. Product Specification

Touchpad Storage Cart

H = 38.5" (978 mm)
W = 30" (762 mm)
D = 48" (1219 mm)

A storage cart provides convenience for quick and safe setup of Daktronics touchpads. Proper storage of touchpads also helps extend the equipment’s life. The touchpad cart stores up to 10 touchpads and fits through a standard size door.

Product Specification


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